Google Ads Management

Are you struggling to find new customers? Our Google Ads Management service solves that problem, providing you with a constant, reliable stream of leads that fuels your business growth.

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Google Ads Management

We use Google Ads to provide you with a consistent, reliable stream of new customers to power your business growth.

If you’re an ambitious business seeking growth, an effective PPC strategy is likely one of your top priorities.

Google Ads provide the key benefit of allowing you to target the right people at exactly the right time. Whether you’re looking to engage potential customers at the moment they are about to make a decision, or retargeting those who viewed your website but didn’t commit, PPC ads make it easy to generate business.

Unlike organic services like SEO, PPC marketing allows you to drive highly targeted traffic from day one.

While strategically crafted ads can provide a cost-effective way to attract new business, a poorly optimised campaign can lead to low conversion rates and a high acquisition cost, resulting in a low return on investment.

PPC campaigns allow for extremely complex targeting, and a failure to understand how best to optimise them can prevent you from capitalising on this powerful marketing strategy.

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A reliable Google Ads agency that cares about your business

Experienced in Google Ads

We’ve worked with search engine marketing for 10 years and have developed a deep understanding of keywords and search intent. Getting to know your specific target audience and what they are looking for helps us to formulate precision targeted Google Ads campaigns that engage your potential customers right when they are ready to buy.

Simple monthly management fee

Pricing for our Google Ads management services is simple – we charge a base charge plus a percentage of the ad spend. The reason for this is the more you are spending on Google Ads, the more management is required to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price per click and achieving the maximum possible ROI.

Our Google Ads Management Process

Planning & Strategy

  • Comprehensive Google Ads account setup
  • Dedicated account manager – certified Google Ads specialist
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup
  • Goal settings
  • Optimisation of existing campaigns
  • Budget setting
  • Targeting setup

Campaign Setup

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign and ad group setup
  • Creation of engaging, compelling ad copy
  • Ad Extentions setup
  • Conversion Tracking setup
  • Connection to Google Analytics

Bid & Budget Management

  • Reviewing keywords, optimising, setting negative keywords
  • Review budget usage and optimise
  • Review and adjust bid strategy

Reporting & Recommendations

  • Monthly reporting
  • Recommendations for additional opportunities and optimisation

Compelling, Eye-Catching Ad Copy

Powerfully persuasive ad copy that speaks directly to the needs of the searcher is essential in driving solid ad performance.

Laser Focused Targeting

Reaching only high-value traffic that’s relevant to your product or service means the clicks that you pay for generate real income for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your campaign will be managed by your dedicated account manager, who will get familiar with your products and audience, and will be your first point of contact.

Yes, writing engaging, compelling ad copy is a core aspect of ensuring strong performance of paid ads. We have copywriters on hand to craft persuasive text that boosts click through rates.

Before we launch any ads, we go through a strategy planning phase where we assess your products, industry and competitors. This process takes around two weeks, after which we can publish your first ads.

While PPC campaigns start driving targeted traffic from the day they go live, we generally recommend waiting a couple of months to allow us to refine and iterate the ads for optimal performance.

Yes. Unlike some other PPC agencies, we are completely transparent about the way we work. You would have full account access, and we can even run the campaigns in your own account if preferable.

Let’s discuss your Google Ads needs.

With our Google Ads management services, we take complete care of planning, strategy, management and optimisation of your paid ads.

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