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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of implementing techniques to improve the search engine presence of a website. The techniques include ensuring your website targets the best keywords and building your website’s ranking across the web. More than 5 billion searches take place on Google every day, and not having proper SEO in place could mean that you’re missing out on your fair share. If you’re looking for SEO services in Glasgow, get in touch.

Website Management Services

SEO Agency Services

Growth in your organic search traffic can transform your business. Our SEO service range from SEO audits and keyword research to technical SEO and on-page optimisation.

SEO Audits

Your SEO consultant will review your website and identify opportunities for improvement. We present that information in clear, actionable steps and start work on making the improvements.

Our SEO audits assess everything from technical limitation such as slow page speed to bad links that may be affecting your site’s credibility.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the more complex elements of SEO that take place behind the scenes on your website. We ensure you correct pages are being indexed by Google, and that your schema use is optimised to ensure maximum visibility.

We optimise your internal link structure and your page load speed, helping to show Google you’re providing an optimal user experience to your visitors.

Keyword Research

Keyword research means understanding what your audience wants and their search intent when they use search engines like Google.

Our keyword research services help to identify the high-value commercial keywords your target market is using, as well as information terms that people search for in the education stages of the buying process.

Link Building

Link building remains the most powerful factor in SEO, with inbound links having a direct impact on your rankings.

We manage outreach and arranging the publication of content linking back to your site on contextual, authoritative third-party websites. This provides direct ranking benefits while putting your business in front of your target market.

Content Strategy

A targeted ongoing content strategy is important for delivering sustained ranking benefits for your website. Not only does producing valuable, relevant content help attract potential customers as they progress through the buying process, it also conveys to Google that you are an authority within your sector, helping your entire website to rank higher.

On-Page Optimisation

Our SEO agency staff optimize your website’s pages based on the optimal keywords to target. We seamlessly integrate your most poplar keywords into your page content, titles meta descriptions and images to give your pages the best chances of ranking.


How long does it take to produce results?

This depends on your website’s existing rank, the industry and level of competition. A small local business will take less work and less time to achieve results than a large website that serves customers nationwide. An estimate of how long you can expect until we achieve results will be provided to you during our initial conversations.. In general terms, we expect to see an increase in search engine exposure within one month.

Do you provide any kind of guarantee?

No SEO company can guarantee first position ranking for your target keyword phrase due the number of complex variables involved in the ranking algorithm. Examples of these include Google’s regular algorithm updates and search engine optimisation efforts of your competitors. However, we will do everything we can to increase search engine visibility and clicks through to your website.

Will my improved ranking position maintain itself after I stop using your services?

Our on-page SEO services provide lasting benefit to your site that remains long after we finish working together. However, SEO is an ongoing process, and an ongoing investment is recommended to ensure you retain your position, and continue to open up new sources of traffic.

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I had Prime Digital helping me out last year with some SEO when I was just starting out with my business and my website was just few months old. Against all odds going against my site, he still managed to get it to the top of the 1st Google search page without much fuss and for a very reasonable price.  I would highly recommend these guys for anyone who is struggling to promote their business. Thank you again guys.

Edvis Stankaitis
Gym Owner

Web Design Glasgow

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