Search Engine Optimisation

Make it easy for customers to find your website.

What use is your user-friendly, beautifully designed website if it’s not generating business leads? Our organic SEO techniques boost your business’ ranking by providing lasting, measurable results.

Driving New Traffic

What use is having an impressive, cutting-edge website if nobody is looking at it? Our range of SEO services help you to drive more new traffic to your website from search engines like Google and Bing. That’s means more brand exposure, inquiries, and revenue.

Measureable Results

It is expected that you will want to see the progress being made during a search engine optimisation campaign. We provide analytics that demonstrate how your web pages are growing in exposure, clicks and traffic. This allows you to assess the overall effectiveness of your marketing investment.

Keyword Research

Every SEO campaign starts with Keyword Research. We use analytical tools to find what keywords your customers are searching for, allowing you to target these words and maximise your search presence.

Technical SEO

We analyse and optimise the technical factors of your website, and ensure your key pages are carefuly designed to target the best keywords.

Local Search Marketing

Local SEO helps you to rank highly when people search for your services in your local area.

Link Building

Building inbound links is essential for building your authority on the web. This is an essential component of any SEO campaign.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

  • 93%
The initial stage of any SEO campaign is keyword research. Understanding what your audience is searching provides the foundation for your marketing to be based upon. Understanding searcher intent allows us to specifically answer the questions your target market is asking.



We use a range of advanced tools to learn about your target market, and what they are looking for. Using a comprehensive technique we are able to identify every useful opportunity.

Each on-page SEO campaign we run looks closely at the following factors.

  • Keyword optimisation
  • Content quality
  • Image optimisation
  • Internal link structure
  • Meta information
  • Page load speed
  • Site structure
  • Indexing

Google’s increased focus on mobile and local marketing has led more businesses to ensure their local presence is strong.


By establishing a strong, consistent company profile across some highly trusted sites across the web, you increase your chances of ranking in your local area.

Say for example, someone searches for “SEO Glasgow” or “SEO services Glasgow”. By building a strong company presence across respected directories and other social platforms, we can give ourselves a better chance of appearing at the top of search results.

We your business is present on all of the most important websites, and make sure they are all 100% consistent for maximum impact.

Inbound links are the most important element of search engine optimisation, and they carry the most weight in helping your website to rank well.



When another site on the internet chooses to link to your site, Google and other search engines see this like a ‘vote’. By linking to your site, the original site is happy to direct its visitors to your site, implying that you are providing some sort of value.

We help you to establish these strong, powerful links through guest blog article on trusted sites on the internet. The more authoritative the linking site, the more positive effect that link will provide.

And of course, as well as the implications of link building for search engines, it also increases avenues for new visitors to reach your site.

We focus only on sustainable benefit generated through linking from highly trusted sites.

SEO Ranking Factors

Our SEO services cover all the most important factors that influence your website’s search engine rankings.

URL Structure

Are your website URLs optimised to prioritise your target keywords?

Keyword Strategy

Do your pages effectively target the keywords your audience is searching for?



Are you using the full potential of H1s, H2s and other headers to target your selected keywords?



Do you have a sitemap in place to allow easy indexing of your website pages?

Page Load Speed

Is your slow load time affecting you Google rankings and user experience?


Meta Information

Are you making optimal use of your meta title and description on all pages?


Image Optimisation

Do you images have optimised file sizes and alt tags?

Inbound Links

Do you have numerous, quality sites linking back to your website?

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