The purpose of this page is to outline the privacy policy governing the official website of Prime Digital, a provider of web design and digital marketing services. During your use of, it might transpire that you have to share information. This privacy policy has been drafted so as to explain how Prime Digital protects and handles your information.

Prime Digital reserves the right to alter this privacy policy as deemed appropriate. The responsibility of checking the policy updates resides with you. We recommend that you check the policy every once in a while if you wish to be informed of any alterations.

Your information

For most visitors to, only basic information will be collected. This will primarily entail time, date, duration and geographic location, and such information is used for basic research on the site. Those that make use of the contact form, for the purpose of contracting the web design and marketing serivces of Prime Digital, will provide additional information such as contact information and job requirements.

Prime Digital pledges to do its utmost to shield your information from undesirable intrusions. We will not share your personal information with any external parties and promise to treat it in the strictest confidence. Any future contact will only be made directly from Prime Digital, and might occur if you have provided contact information in the contact form.

Security is registered with a Certified Domain Validation Seal, thereby highlighting that our site is both trustworthy and authentic. A further security measure is our SSL Certificate, which offers up to 256-bit encryption. This protects the transfer of your information both to and from Prime Digital.


Cookies are small digital files stored automatically on the hard drive of your browsing device. These files cannot be created without your approval, thus giving you the right to reject them during your time at

The purpose of cookies is to provide further usage information about visitors to web masters. Information provided in cookies can prove vital in making alterations to sites and improving the web experience for users. They are also helpful in that they can remember your personal preferences and settings, all with the purpose of streamlining your experience.

Prime Digital can take no responsibility for the creation of cookies on your web browser. It is up to you to reject them and/or alter the settings within your browser. However, should you reject cookies, you risk compromising the overall quality of your web experience at

External links

We intend to share external links within some of the content on our website. However, we only have control of your usage of the Prime Digital official website. We cannot take any responsibility for any sites that you visit through an external link. The privacy of your information will be governed by the privacy policy of that specific website, which is why we advise that you check any such policies before submitting any personal information.

Prime Digital is a UK provider of digital marketing services and we pledge to uphold the security and integrity of any information that you share through our website.