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Evaluating your site’s SEO helps to identify issues that are preventing customers from reaching your website. You may have the best content on the web, but if you have not performed some basic optimisation techniques, your chances of success are limited.

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What our SEO Audit covers

Our SEO audit looks at all the most important factors that influence your website’s search engine rankings. This includes on-site ranking factors, and your site’s external link profile.

URL Structure

Are your website URLs optimised to prioritise your target keywords?

Keyword Strategy

Do your pages effectively target the keywords your audience is searching for?



Are you using the full potential of H1s, H2s and other headers to target your selected keywords?



Do you have a sitemap in place to allow easy indexing of your website pages?

Page Load Speed

Is your slow load time affecting you Google rankings and user experience?


Meta Information

Are you making optimal use of your meta title and description on all pages?


Image Optimisation

Do you images have optimised file sizes and alt tags?

Inbound Links

Do you have numerous, quality sites linking back to your website?

Periodic Table of Ranking Factors

This infographic provides a more in-depth overview of the many ranking factors at play when climbing Google search results.
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