Ultra-Fast Web Hosting

Fast. Secure. Reliable. From just £12 a month.
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Fast, secure and reliable.


High-speed web hosting

5GB Web space

30GB Monthly bandwidth

For those who’d rather do updates
and backups themselves




High-speed web hosting

Unlimited web space

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Software updates




High-speed web hosting

Unlimited web space

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Software updates

Regular backups

Database clean-up



Why Choose Us for Your Web Hosting?

Dedicated UK-based Support

Our friendly support staff are on hand to help you every step of the way. We provide fast and effective support.


Fast setup

We quickly take care of the setup process, with your site live within hours.

Unlimited Web Space

With unlimited hosting storage capacity, your website can grow with as your business does.

Proven Track Record

Our platform has a proven track record of keeping websites safe and secure.

Rapid Bandwidth

Ultra-fast bandwidth means your visitors can enjoy a fast, seamless experience when browsing your site.


Highly dependable

Reliable, dependable, always-on web hosting.

Fast, secure and reliable hosting for websites and email.

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. Think of it as your space in the cloud from which your website can be accessed. All sites we host are located on our fast, high-bandwidth server, ensuring your customers enjoy a lightning-fast experience when browsing your site.

Frequent backups and updates.

It is necessary to regularly ensure your website software is up-to-date, keeping it secure from vulnerabilities and threats. This means updating WordPress to the most recent version, and ensuring all plugins are free from incompaitiblity. It is also essential to always have a recent backup copy of your website saved, should any data loss occur. With our Supercharged service, we take care of everything for you. We take bi-monthly backups of your site, and make all required updates when they are available to ensure you are secured against any form of attack.

Which package is best for you?

The package you require will depend on whether you already have backups and updates taken care of. All websites must be regularly backed up, updated and secured to protect them against data loss, malware, and software incompatibilites.

We recommend you go for our Supercharged package, allowing us to take complete control of keeping your site secure, and keeping your information safe. If you already have a backup and update solution in place, you could opt for one of our more basic packages.