Outsourced SEO Services for Web Designers

Quick and effective outsourced SEO for your clients

  • Are you a web designer who wants to offer SEO services to your customers?
  • Do you want to provide SEO, but don’t have the knowledge required to do so?
  • Do you mistakenly think Yoast / Squirrly / All-in-One SEO is an alternative to actual SEO?

Partner with Prime Digital and you can provide your valued customers with high-quality SEO services. There’s no need to stress about whether you performing SEO right when you can have someone who knows take care of it.

FREE SAMPLE: We are currently offering a free one-page optimisation so that you can get a feel for how the process works.

How It Works

  1. Send us some basic details of the client’s business and products or services.
  2. We respond to you within half an hour with a free quote and a timeline for completion.
  3. The moment you say yes. our team of UK-based SEO experts get started on the project.
  4. We deliver a report of action to take (and implement on the client’s site if required)

SEO Services

  • Keyword Research – the first stage of any SEO project. Before any other activity takes place, it is necessary to perform keyword research to identify what a business’ audience is searching for. Only then can we optimise for this keywords.
  • On-Page Optimisation – optimising selected landing pages around selected keywords to drive traffic.
    • Meta title, meta description, image/filename/alt tag optimisation, URL optimisation, keyword use, optimised content.

We specailse in the following SEO services: Keyword Research / Competitor Analysis / SEO Audit / On-Page SEO / Technical SEO | Link Building / Local SEO | Content Strategy | SEO Copywriting

You manage the process, including communicating with and charging the client. We perform the SEO for you, and charge an affordable rate that leaves room for you to make a margin as you sell on to your clients

Why work with us?

When a customer requires our SEO services, we request some information from you using an online form or shared spreadsheet. With this information, we can get started. When complete, we send over the results for you to implement (or we can implement them ourselves), and you can mark up the price.

  • Qualified UK-based SEO experts
  • You can charge your customer whatever you want. We keep our prices low to allow you the room to make a margin while still remaining competitive.

Filling out meta information fields in Yoast is not enough

I see many web designers with the misconception that using an SEO WordPress plugin (such as Yoast, All-in-One, or Squirrly) is a sufficient alternative to performing SEO. This could not be further from the case. Sure, filling out these fields will make sure your listing look okay in Google search results, but whether they will actually help a site to rank is a different matter.

SEO for web designers

In order to make proper use of meta information, it is necessary to understand the keywords a business’ audience is searching for. This requires, at the very least, some basic keyword research.

Plugins like Yoast only help you to take care of a miniscule peice of the overall SEO picture. If you think filling out these fields for your clients is performing a ‘Basic SEO’ service, think again.